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Questions and answers about dropshipping & Importify app.

Getting Started

How do I install Importify?
How do I install the Importify app?1. Download the Importify app from the Shopify store, Click the "Get" Button &[...]
How can I pay & how do I get billed?
How can I pay and how do I get billed?Importify App Cost and Billing  We use Shopify's Billing System.You will need[...]
How much does Importify cost?
How much does Importify cost?How much will our dropshipping tool cost you?The Basic Plan for Importify is $14.95/Month.The Premium Plan[...]
What does Importify do?
What does Importify do?What is Importify, and what does it do?Importify is is an app developed for Shopify store owners,[...]
How do I update the Importify Chrome Extension?
How do I update the Importify Chrome Extension?Here is how you can keep your Importify Chrome Extension full updatedNavigate to[...]
How does dropshipping works?
How does dropshipping work?Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method wherein a store doesn't actually stock the products it sells. Instead,[...]

Pricing & Shipping

Are we able to import products from one Shopify store to another?
Are we able to import products from one Shopify store to another?Yes you can, if you wish to import your[...]
What is ePacket Identification?
What is ePacket Identification?ePacket & Seller Rating Identification allow you find trusted sellers easily.Importify Extension allows you to easily filter[...]
How to setup shipping rates on Shopify?
How to setup shipping rates on your Shopify store? Watch how to setup and create your own Shopify shipping rates[...]
How do I set Price Markup using importify?
How do I set price markup using Importify?There are two different options for setting up your product prices through ImportifyYou[...]