Having issues to import?  follow the steps below

1. Make sure you are using Desktop or Laptop, Importify extension will not work on any kind of mobile/tablets. 

2. Make sure you have installed the importify extension and it is enabled & updated to the latest version.
   to install the chrome extension click here and click the "add to chrome"
   to make sure you are using the latest version, watch this video

3. Make sure your chrome browser is set to allow cookies:
  * Open new tab in your browser and put this URL chrome://settings/content/cookies
  * Enable this option -> Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)

  * Disable the 3rd option -> Block third-party cookies

When you're done, restart your browser go to your Shopify dashboard, click on Apps, and click on Importify app.

Now try to import again. 

4. Make sure you are subscribe to one of our plans
    Yes we do offer a Day Trial, but in order to get the day trial you need to subscribe to one of our plans and approve charge.
    if you will remove the app before the trial time ends you won't get any charges.
    Note: if you are subscribe to the basic plan you won't have access to import from Aliexpress or Amazon.

5. if you still getting the login button after following the first 3 steps, try to clear your browsing data.

Check out the video below.