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Everything You Need to Know About Shopify

You may have heard the term “Shopify” before, but you’re not sure what it is. Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows small businesses to sell products online. It’s easy to set up and use with the only basic technical knowledge required!

If you are looking for an easier way to start your own business or want to build one from home without all of the hassles of having your site made, this blog post is for you!

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform created by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. It allows small businesses to sell their products online by giving them the tools to create an online store.

Since its creation in 2006, Shopify has grown into more than just an e-commerce platform, which, as you will see later on, can be changed to fit the needs of EVERY business.

The Shopify platform was tested by users in more than 100 countries before its official launch and has simplified many aspects of e-commerce that were previously difficult for small business owners to achieve.

Since then, Shopify has grown into a huge success and is used by more than 1,000,000 businesses in various industries.

Some of the most well-known Shopify users include Tesla Motors, Red Bull, and The North Face. Shopify has grown to be one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, along with eBay and Amazon.

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How Does it Work?

With Shopify, you will have a beautiful online store that is easy to set up and simple to maintain. In addition, all of the products that you feature on your site can be viewed by customers who are browsing from their desktop computers or mobile devices.

You can also use Shopify pos (Shopify payments) to accept Apple Pay, Android Pay, credit card, and other mobile payment systems.

In addition to having a great product line-up, Shopify is committed to providing you with the best resources needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. They offer free tutorials on how to design your website using their platform!

Why do I need It?

There are many reasons why you will want to start selling on Shopify. First, if you are an entrepreneur looking to start your own business, Shopify is the perfect platform for you!

Setting up shop through Shopify will make managing your products and selling online a lot easier. From the basics of getting a domain name and hosting to more complex aspects such as inventory management and point-of-sale systems, Shopify has you covered.

Even if you are selling on another platform, shifting to Shopify is easier than it seems with their help. Some of the other reasons why Shopify is an ideal e-commerce solution include: -Easily set up customer accounts -Offer discounts to your customers for signing up with an email address – Handle your inventory and shipping -Create a blog with articles about your products, and more!

Benefits of using Shopify

Now that you have a better understanding of what Shopify is, it’s time to look at some of its benefits.

Some key benefits of using Shopify include the following: 

Free trial

With Shopify, you can sign up without a credit card for a 14-day free trial (Shopify plan) by entering your email address. They also offer various pricing plans that will work perfectly with whatever your needs are!

Great customer support

Shopify has a strong customer support team that is ready to help you at any time. They can be contacted through various social media platforms and their website.

They also offer 24/7 live chat so customers can get in contact with them directly.

Hundreds of useful apps

There are hundreds of useful apps for Shopify created by the community. These apps simplify your work and make your store more functional by offering features such as gift cards, customer reviews, discounts on shipping fees, and much more!

Shopify app store

Shopify has an app store where you can manage your online store. You can sell your products or offer your services. You can also choose from hundreds of apps created by developers to help you save time managing your business!

Powerful design editor

The Build a Beautiful Shopify Store page features some examples of stunning stores built using Shopify’s powerful design editor. The possibilities are endless with their free resources!

Shopify is also mobile responsive, which will make managing your store from any device possible.

Variety of plans

Shopify has three different pricing plans with various features that will be outlined further in this article. These plans are perfect for any business owner who is looking to sell products online!

Downsides of using Shopify

Let’s face it; no system is ever perfect. So while Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms you will find in the industry, they have some downsides to consider.


If you are on a limited budget when starting your online store, Shopify might be more than you can afford. They offer three different pricing plans with various features, which makes their prices vary. Their lowest plan is $29 per month, and while this is a far lower price than other e-commerce platforms, it might be more than some entrepreneurs can afford when starting.

User interface

The user interface is not as convenient for beginners. While Shopify has added various guides and tutorials to help new entrepreneurs get started, it might take them time to find their footing.

Transaction fees

Last but not least, Shopify charges transaction fees for every product sold in your online store. This is one of the downsides to using Shopify because it can be costly when dealing with low-margin products.

Now that you have learned more about what Shopify is and considered some of its pros and cons, it’s time to look at Shopify’s pricing plans and their POS.

What is POS in Shopify?

Shopify’s POS is an app available through their platform to help you sell your products in person. You can have a physical store and manage it from your device using the Shopify POS app.

The Shopify POS is a way to provide customer service and keep them coming back by rewarding their loyalty! You can also use this app to make sales in person from any location with internet access, such as at a farmers market or an exhibition.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is the Enterprise plan offered by Shopify. This plan has everything you need to run a successful e-commerce store, plus unlimited bandwidth and various billing options.

The Shopify Plus plan is the best solution for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business by selling products on an international scale.

What is Shopify Lite?

This plan has everything you need to start selling products online, including a mobile responsive website and unlimited bandwidth.

The Shopify Lite plan is perfect for entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their businesses or looking to start an eCommerce store on a small budget. This plan has limited features included, so it’s best suited to low-volume stores.

What can you sell on Shopify?

Shopify is one of the best eCommerce platforms to sell any products you want. Shopify includes many features to help you manage your online store, such as:

Social media integration

Shopify makes sharing your products on social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest easy. In addition, their platform is mobile responsive, so it’s compatible with apps like Instagram too!

Customer feedback

You can see what customers say about your business in real-time. Shopify allows you to make your business stand out by focusing on its strengths and improving its weaknesses.


You can see detailed analytics data about all aspects of your store, including sales, traffic sources, sales funnels, and more! These tools will help you gain invaluable insight into the performance of your business.

This means that you can sell anything you want on any of Shopify’s pricing plans. So whether you need a bare-bones basic eCommerce site or a full-featured online store, there is a plan for every entrepreneurial budget.

Whether you are new to the business and looking to make your first sale or an entrepreneur with years of experience under your belt, the Shopify platform has everything you need to grow your business.

How to scale your business using Shopify

Shopify has three different pricing plans designed to help small businesses scale as they continue to grow. This is important because Shopify wants you to focus on what matters most – growing your business!

Run ads

With the help of ads on Facebook and Instagram, you can get more views on your site. You can also sign up with Google AdWords to advertise similar products that customers might be searching for online.


Another option is to add a newsletter to your Shopify store, which will help you keep in touch with your audience. For example, if you have been selling custom necklaces and bracelets for a while and you want to sell scarves, hats, and mittens – this is a place customers will go to learn about your new products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Shopify?

Anyone can use Shopify as it does not require any technical knowledge to set up. It is great for beginners who want to start selling their products online and those with experience who want to make their online store more functional and efficient using the many features they provide!

Who can I contact if I need help with Shopify?

Shopify offers 24/7 customer support for all customers. They also have a knowledgeable blog filled with articles to help you along the way!

What are the downsides to using Shopify?

Some of the downsides of using Shopify are that they charge transaction fees for every product sold, which can add up over time. Another downside is their user interface, as it is not very intuitive and might take some getting used to for beginners.

What is the benefit of using Shopify over other platforms like Etsy or eBay?

There are many benefits to using Shopify. Some of these benefits include managing all aspects of your e-commerce business, digital products, and third-party selling. You can also learn how to scale your business without needing complicated coding skills or hiring a developer.

How does Shopify handle taxes?

Shopify provides you with the tools to create tax rules and also helps you calculate your taxes following international taxation standards. They also provide multilingual support, which is great for entrepreneurs who want to sell their products across borders!

Last Thoughts

Using Shopify to sell your products online can unlock a world of possibilities.

It’s easy for entrepreneurs and small businesses with limited budgets to make their website, and start selling products without paying big bucks upfront, or spending time learning complicated coding languages like HTML. And if you’re looking for an affordable way to scale up your business, this is the perfect solution.

You don’t need any programming skills at all–just some creativity on what you want to sell (most people use either Etsy or Amazon). We hope you liked the article. If you have any questions, drop a comment below, and we’ll reply as soon as possible!