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8 Crucial Tips for creating your product page that converts like crazy

We all know that creating a good product page is essential. But what does it take to create the best possible product page? 

The best product pages include complete information on features, options, specs, clear benefits of the purchase, presentation of testimonials or reviews from other customers, attractive images, explainer video demonstrating how the products work, and contact information to reach out.

Product pages can be the front-line in your product sales. They should answer any product questions a consumer might have while presenting as many product benefits as possible.

In this blog post, we’ll walk through the different steps and tips needed to create a fantastic product page that will help boost sales and conversion rates and make your store stand out in its niche.


Write a product title and product description that convert.

First, product title and product description are important factors affecting your product page’s success. It should be engaging with attention-grabbing benefits to show the visitors how the product can make their daily life easier or better.

Here are some tips you might want to use:

1) Using Bold Text WOWs Visitors

Use bold text for product descriptions. It’s straightforward and adds a nice touch to the product detail pages. Bold text WOWs visitors by grabbing attention instantly before they even reach further down the page. Doing this also helps Google product listing ads stand out more as well! 

It’s a good idea or best practice to make product descriptions at least 125 characters long.

2) Use bold text for product benefits (i.e., features, why they should buy)

highlight your key product features in the product description, and you can do this by using bold or italic text to separate them from the rest of the product description.

3) Be Specific, transparent, and to the point with Product Titles and Product Descriptions

When choosing a product title and product description, make sure it’s clear and to the point. Be specific, precise, and descriptive so that the product description covers every last detail about product features and product benefits.

Another factor that affects your product page success is Product images. Customers typically make their buying decision based on what they see online. So it’s essential to have clear, high-quality photos of each product you list for sale on your site! You probably already knew this but did you also know Google states in its guidelines for creating quality content that users seem to trust visual elements more than text-based?

It would help to put the product description towards the bottom of the product page rather than on top, as most people will understand what the product is about once they see the product title and image. You may need to move the product description to avoid it looking too long or messy on the product page.


Ways to optimize your Product page

To create an optimized and search-friendly product page, use descriptive keywords in your product title and best product description. In this way, you can increase your store’s ranking on search engines such as Google so that customers can easily find your products online!

The best keywords you should use consist of what your products are, how to use them and what they are best or ideal.

When it comes to Shopify, Wix, or Woocommerce product titles, you need to make sure the title has somewhere between 65-75 characters (including spaces) as that’s the ideal search engine title length.

There are few more things to add to your product page to make it better than others when uploading high-quality images:

– To make your images more search engine friendly, you can compress them. Compressing the photos will make them load quicker.

– Order the product, upload new photos of the product and take it yourself from multiple angles. That would improve your conversion rate since users can see the product in various ways that they may not have been able to previously if you relied solely on an outside supplier for photos.

– If you drop-ship products from Aliexpress, be sure to include an image with a chart of all the product sizes. That way, the product can be quickly sorted by size when a customer views the product page.

– Keep product images within 800 pixels wide, which’s the most optimal size for a product image. In addition, a good zoom feature for high-quality photos improves the conversion rate.

Add photos of a person using the product to make the product self-explained, a product image that looks like it was taken in the real world by real people is more likely to sell.


Explainer Videos Are Vital For your Product page.

With an explainer video, you can give customers all of the information they need to feel confident about their purchase before they ever even buy it! You can also answer any questions that may arise and create an emotional connection with the customer while doing it!

A great way to do this is by using a video in your product description that tells customers what their benefits will be if they buy the product.

One of the easiest ways to add an explainer video to your product page is by using a third-party app like Importify that imports videos from the supplier’s product page to your online shop.


Include Product Options and Variants (Colors, Sizes, etc)

Giving the customer product options is a great way to have some versatility in their order, and based on what you know about your best customers, it may be an opportunity for you to make more sales.

As long as you stick to these critical suggestions by adding the product options to the product page, your customer will feel more convinced to buy from your store:

– Have clear product information and sizing options

– Save the buyer time when product ordering by offering size charts on product pages

– Show the suitable product variation and information when the user chooses from the product options list.

– Offer product bundles or product kits

– Use product carousels to display product variations


Add product recommendations that relate to the product and its use.

Offer product recommendations titled as (i.e., You’ll also like) is a good way of increasing product sales conversion rates. When a customer sees products they might also want to buy, they’ll be more likely to add those products to the cart.

You can do this by offering products that have clearly shown related to other products on your website. The best of all is when customers see similar and complementary products, the one they’re considering buying.

For best results, you should:

– Consider adding in recommendations for accessories and related goods

– Offer product bundles or kits that include complementary items

– Show which products on your store also best match the primary product they’re viewing by including it like text, images, or carousels

– Create product recommendations with accurate data and customer preferences.


Add social media links to increase engagement on your website.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram help you and your customers spread brand awareness and generate sales while providing feedback from your product pages.

You can Shopify apps like “Social Share Buttons” and “Social media icons” to add social media share buttons to your product page.


Reviews are Essential for Your Brand

Testimonials (reviews) are not easy to get, but they can provide a great deal of credibility and trustworthiness. Customer reviews will help boost sales! If you don’t have product reviews or product testimonials on your product pages, you can use the Editorify app, which offers a free plan.

There are several ways to collect product testimonials from existing customers:

1) Collect product reviews on your product page:

Get product testimonials directly from your best customers

Reviews are best when they’re organic so try asking for them in person, via email, or with a live chat system on your website.

After installing the Editorify app, it will add a “write a review” button to each product page. That will open a form for the customer to easily add his review about the product.

2) Send automatic review request emails, ask customers to review the product they purchased, and offer discounts for adding a photo or video (photo/video reviews are more trusted)

3) Another way to collect product reviews is to offer giveaways for your product. You can create a contest on Facebook, Twitter, or another popular social media website – For example: “Add your feedback about X to enter our product giveaway contest.”

Note: Add product rating below your product titles on the product page, collection page & homepage. Product rating is an average score from customers about the product. 


Ways to Convince your Customers to Purchase on your Product page


Incentive: You can add a free shipping banner and options for the product price under the product title and description to help the customer feel comfortable with your product and motivate them to buy from your store.


Give potential customers the impression that there are limited product units available. They’ll feel a sense of urgency to purchase this product because it will not be available forever.


People want to feel like they’re unique, and the more product information you can get about a user’s profile (i.e., age, eye color, height, etc.), the easier it will be for you to sell them things.

– Prices (Free Shipping, discounts)

Shipping strategies often boil down to the three most common options:

1. Calculated Shipping

Calculated Shipping means that you charge the price of your package based on its weight and size. That makes it easy to know how much it will cost before you order.

2. Flat-rate Shipping

Flat-rate Shipping means you charge one price for Shipping regardless of your product’s size, weight, and shape.

One of the ways that customers can make their purchases is to pay a flat fee for as much product they want. It has many positive aspects.

3. Free Shipping

Free Shipping can be one of the essential parts of your business and potentially the most expensive. Customers love free Shipping, but retailers have mixed feelings about it.

To offer free Shipping, retailers have two options:

  • The shipping cost should be included in the product list price, so it is apparent to the customer from the beginning.
  • You can reduce margins by absorbing the cost of Shipping. 

The statement, “We are pleased to offer shipping at no cost on all orders.” may incentivize customers into buying an item without reading the details. Some people give up in the checkout stage when they see unexpected shipping costs. But you can add the cost of Shipping on the price of your product and then offer free Shipping, so parsing down your checkout process will make it easier for them to buy your items.

Payment Options

Payment option

Many different online payment options are available, but you should offer one that you know your customers prefer for quick product checkout. You can provide product payments like PayPal, Payoneer, or Google Checkout to be as convenient as possible and improve product checkout time!

Refund Policy

A clear statement about product returns will help customers feel confident in their purchase and trust that they won’t be “taken advantage of” by retailers like them. You can clearly state the product return policy or even provide product repair options available to you.

For instance, “If a product doesn’t work as advertised, or you’re not satisfied with your product, you can receive your money back”.

You also can add further product return information, product repair information, and product warranty information.

Responsive Website Design for Mobile Phones

Mobile commerce will continue to grow, and consumers are expecting the same mobile experience on their mobile devices as they can enjoy on desktops. Websites that don’t deliver may see a decline in customer conversions.



A well-designed product page will have a great conversion rate because it provides all of the relevant information to the customer to make an informed decision about whether or not they want to buy your product, and if so, how best to purchase it.

With the proper use of product page optimization and content marketing, you can increase your sales. 

For the best results, we recommend using the Importify / Editorify apps to import the perfect product listing, including product title, description, variants, high-quality images, size chart, explainer video & reviews.

I hope these tips will help your eCommerce business grow!