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9 Tips to Optimize for Conversions and Sell More on Your Wix Ecommerce Store

Many Wix store owners are looking for ways to optimize their Wix eCommerce stores, sell more products and increase their store revenue. If you’re one of them, this blog post is definitely for you! Here we will discuss how to improve your conversion rate and generate more revenue with 9 Wix-specific tips.


1. The basics – create a high-standard Wix storefront

Wix online store

Ensure your store has all the information the customer may need, such as contact information, shipping options, estimated delivery time, and returns policies. Wix provides several features to help you create an attractive storefront that will convert well – such as the ability to customize your template with color schemes, fonts, and logos. Having good visuals, such as high-quality product photos, an attractive color scheme, and correct grammar, will drive more conversions. Additionally, offering live product personalization can further enhance engagement on your site, as customers continually seek out unique and personalized experiences


2. Improve your Wix store Products pages

As most store owners drive traffic to the product page itself, optimizing it for better conversions and reducing cart abandonment is essential.

You can optimize your Wix store’s product page by:

  • Using high-resolution product images
  • Including a clear product description that includes relevant keywords
  • Using accurate pricing for all variants combinations
  • Placing the “Add to cart” button above the fold, which means that it will be visible without scrolling down the page.


3. Add Reviews to your product pages

Adding reviews to your Wix store’s product page will boost your conversion rates as customers will see that other customers have already purchased the product, and it will make your store look trustworthy and create a solid social proof effect.

Product reviews are a crucial component of any successful eCommerce store, and studies show that by adding reviews to your store’s product pages, you can increase your conversions by up to 20%!

We recommend using the Editorify product reviews app, making adding reviews to your Wix eCommerce store as easy as possible.

Using Editorify, you can import honest product customer reviews from top wholesalers’ websites such as AliExpress, Amazon, Etsy, Banggood, and many more.


4. Increase social proof with recent sales popups

After adding product reviews to your store, the next step is to increase your store’s social proof by adding recent sales popups.

Recent sales popups are a great way to increase social proof and show potential customers that other people have purchased your store’s products in the past, and this will result in more conversions.

People like to feel comfortable by following the crowd, and seeing that other people have purchased a product, will make them more likely to buy it themselves.

By using the Popify – Sales popups app, you will be able to add recent sales popups to your Wix store and set where and when exactly these popups will appear.

You can add the popups to any page of your store and select which products will be shown.

If you recently launched your store and don’t have any orders yet, you can use the add to cart popups, which will show what items had been added to the cart by recent visitors of your store.

You can also use Popify to offer special discounts and promotion notifications in your store. You can easily set it up to show customer reviews by integrating it with your Editorify app reviews.


5. Sell more by using Upsells and Cross-sells on your Wix store.

One of our most crucial eCommerce store tips is to use Upsells and Cross-sells on your store.

What is an upsell?

Imagine you walk into a restaurant and order a burger, and the waiter asks you if you would like to have fries or coke with it. That’s an upsell offer!

Why is this so effective?

When a customer places an order, they’re in the buying mode, their guard is down, and that’s when you should start thinking of other relevant products to sell them. 

Using the Wix AppSell app, you can significantly improve your store’s conversion rate, sales, and revenues by offering upsells on your store’s thank you page and cart page.

When a customer places an order in your store, he will get the Wix informative order confirmation page. The AppSell app will allow you to add offers such as coupons for retaining existing customers right on your thank you page so you can increase your average order value.

Using AppSell, you can send offers directly on your cart page and allow your customers to add the products to their cart with a single click.


6. Customer support

Customer support is a crucial component of any successful Wix eCommerce store. It’s essential to make sure that customers who want to get in touch with you will be able to do so. One way is by adding a contact page on your Wix store and using the Wix Contact custom app, which allows shoppers to email or calls you from their web browser directly.

Another great way of providing customer support is by adding a live chat. You can enable the Wix live chat widget on your store, or another great option is using the Jivo live chat app.

Jivo live chat app will allow you to add a Wix-friendly chat widget on your site.

You don’t need any coding skills for it, and all the customization options are very intuitive. It also offers price optimization and conversion tracking so that you know if it’s working or not.


7. Offer Free Shipping

Free shipping is always an excellent incentive for your Wix eCommerce store customers. It’s a way to make them feel special, and it will increase your Wix store conversion rate.

Most customers abandon their carts once they find out that they have to spend more money on their order. Offering free shipping makes your Wix store more appealing, and customers are more likely to buy.

If you have any additional shipping costs, roll them into the product price.

Another great option is to use the “Free Shipping Bar” app, which will motivate your customers to increase their cart values to get free shipping.


8. Recover abandoned carts

Many customers who visit your Wix store will not purchase anything the first time and will probably abandon their cart before proceeding with the checkout process. It could be a phone call, text message, or they want to take their time and think about it.

What will happen, in most cases, is that the customer will forget about it. There are so many eCommerce stores out there that it is easy to forget about a store you visited a few days or hours ago. 

That is where a push notification app comes in handy.

If you want more control over reminding your customers to complete their checkout or getting them back to your store, you should use Popify’s push notifications reminders. Using Popify, you will be able to set up three automatic reminders sent at different times to your customers and remind them about their abandoned cart.

By getting your customers back to your Wix site, you’re more likely to generate sales and increase your conversion rate significantly.

Another great thing about push notifications reminders is that once a customer visits your Wix store and approves getting push notifications, you can send him upsell offers, promotions and get his attention quickly.


9. Optimize your Wix eCommerce store for mobile

Wix on mobile

People browse the internet on their mobile devices more than they do from a desktop. Wix understands this and offers responsive Wix themes for eCommerce stores that will adjust to any screen size, be it small or big.

Mobile devices are the new shopping bag, and it’s essential to take the time and make sure that your user’s experience works seemingly on mobile. The average eCommerce store visitor is now using their mobile device as a tool to make purchases. This year alone has seen an increase of 50% in sales from people who view products on the go.

But many stores aren’t keeping up: they’re failing at providing that “frictionless” experience due to compatibility issues such as not optimizing product information or checkout process specifically for smartphones.

By offering a smooth shopping experience on mobile, you will experience a much higher conversion rate and less customer support hassle.



As you can see, there are many ways to increase your conversion rate and generate more revenue with your Wix eCommerce store. We hope these nine tips have been helpful for you! Try to implement all of these optimization tips for the best results and see what works best for your Wix eCommerce store!