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Dall-E 2 AI Art Generator: What is it, and why should you use it in your POD business

Artificial Intelligence is always an interesting topic to talk about. It has brought us some of the most amazing solutions. One of them is DALL E 2 AI Art Generator. Let’s go through it.

What is Dell E 2 AI Art Generator? How does It work? And how can eCommerce merchants use it to leverage more sales? Let’s find out together!

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What is Dall E 2 AI Art Generator? 

DALL-E 2 is the most stunning of the AI art generators, and even the strangest AI art from DALL E-2 has created a stir. It is a creation of Elon Musk’s co-founded research group OpenAI. 

E 2 can generate realistic pictures and art from plain language descriptions of concepts, qualities, and styles. DALL. E 2 may stretch pictures beyond the boundaries of the original canvas, resulting in new compositions.

However, this technology has long prompted worries, not least because AI art generators might endanger the careers of genuine human artists. DALL E 2 art generated with user involvement is now available for purchase. 

Moreover, Reid Hoffman, the inventor of LinkedIn and a software mogul, has previously placed his paintings for sale. The winning price for one art,’ mangata was $24,000 on Magic Eden.

OpenAI declared that DALL-E 2 is currently accessible to the general public in beta on July 20, 2022. Users will continue to have full commercial rights to the photographs they produce. 

You are free to use them for any purpose you can think of in relation to your company or product. From the DALL E 2 queue, the business intends to invite 1 million users to utilize the product.

There are also other similar solutions on the market too. For example, Midjourney, is creating powerful products with the help of Artificial Intelligence that helps many people with their artistic tasks, saving them time and resources to start production. 

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How can eCommerce merchants use it to leverage more sales? 

AI can assist today’s online businesses to provide an optimal consumer experience on and off their eCommerce platforms. AI leverages acquired company and customer data to make better business decisions and forecast the future more accurately. 

Let’s look at some ways AI and related technologies are advancing the eCommerce sector.

The use of AI art generators in the Print-on-demand (POD) business is a very common example of that. You can employ the masterpieces generated via DALL E 2 to bring uniqueness and freshness to your products.

It can be a revolutionary addition to your business since you can transform your customer’s fantasies into reality with this marvelous art generator. It will ultimately lead to the popularity of your brand and help you garner more sales.  

Well, that’s not the only perk of employing AI in your POD business.  We have a long list of benefits waiting for you. 

Salient Features of Dall E 2

  • DALL E 2 can take high-resolution images of photo quality. Simply enter a command, and the game will produce thousands of lifelike variants on that subject. This is a significant advance over the previous version, which could only depict basic backgrounds in a cartoonish manner.
  • It can produce the same image in many styles, which the user can specify in plain text. Users can begin with a photo as an input and create variants with varying perspectives and styles. It understands individual things and learns from their relationships through deep learning.
  • DALL E 2 has discovered a way to link pictures with the text that describes them. It uses a process called “diffusion”. It begins with a dot pattern and changes into a visual when it identifies specific qualities of the visual.
  • Based on a brief description, this technology can properly edit and retouch pictures. It may add to or replace a portion of an image with artificial intelligence (AI)-generated graphics that flawlessly matches the original.

    Users just draw a box around the image area they want to modify and input their instructions in natural language.

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Why Dall E 2 is better than Dall E 1?

DALL E 1 creates art and realistic images from straightforward text. From all of the outputs, the best image is chosen to satisfy the user’s needs.

On the other hand, In DALL E 2, the relationship between images and the words used to explain them is uncovered. It uses the diffusion method, which starts with a pattern of randomly placed dots and progressively alters that pattern to resemble a picture when it detects specific traits of that image. Even though it generates more visuals, it does it more quickly. Thus in a matter of seconds, more variants are produced.

DALL E 1 intelligently replaces or “in-paints” certain portions of an image. Simply draw a box around the image area you desire to modify and enter text in natural language. You’ll see a few possible interpretations from the AI picture generator in seconds.

Meanwhile, there are many more options in DALL E 2, including the capacity to make new things. Consider the vase of flowers on the table as an illustration. DALL E 2 is aware of the surrounding environment; therefore, the AI picture generation will incorporate proper lighting, shadows, and materials.

With the function of the new variant in DALL E 2, you can give the AI image generator a sample picture, and it will produce as many versions as you need. Even better, if you upload another image, the most crucial elements of both will be combined when you do so.

The AI picture generator in DALL E 2 can let individuals express themselves in the most creative ways possible.

DALL E 2 helps people understand how AI systems see and understand the world. This is a critical stage in developing AI that is both beneficial and secure.

An AI that produces photos, DALL E 2, can also be used in other creative disciplines. Think about creating a storyboard for a quick movie with lots of special effects. DALL E 2 will capture your mind thanks to your out-of-this-world descriptions of concepts. 

Creating new creature concepts or worlds allows writers, concept artists, and fabricators to devote more time to honing their skills.

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Benefits of Employing AI in your eCommerce Business 

According to McKinsey study, omnichannel personalization initiatives can increase revenue and retention by 10-15%. 

Building greater data and insights on consumers is a vital component of personalization. According to McKinsey study, the ROI for personalization will soon overtake that of traditional mass marketing. 

E-commerce enterprises are rapidly using artificial intelligence (AI) to assist them in better forecast what a client needs and when they need it. 

AI algorithms will mine massive databases for useful insights into client behavior. They can utilize your buying history to propose things similar to what you’re looking for. Similarly, by using AI art generators like DALL E2, you can take this personalization to the next level and provide your customers with a better experience.  

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of starting a business related to personalized items, you can take guidance on how to start a print-on-demand business

Let us share real-life examples of eCommerce retailers using AI art generators to upscale their businesses. 

AI Art Shop is an online art gallery that sells AI-created artwork. In its AI art gallery, the eCommerce business sells thousands of one-of-a-kind pieces made by computer algorithms.

From impressionist AI art to modern AI paintings, these neural networks produce aesthetic marvels daily. Just one AI system requires hours of computational power and tens of thousands of photos to train and evolve.


Numerous designers, photographers, painters, and producers of visual material may experience major disruptions in their productivity and income due to DALL E 2. Why spend money on an expensive professional when a machine can create images for you?

In general, we are hopeful that AI will provide more economic possibilities and jobs than it does. 

However, this is a field where AI may eliminate employment. As far as your print-on-demand business is concerned, it can grow by leaps and bounds with the addition of DALL E 2 to your craft. 

You can take personalization to the next level and give your customers the products they’ve dreamt of. From funky t-shirts to classy mugs, DALL E 2 can make everything extraordinary in minutes.  And the best thing is, it’ll not be a burden on your pocket.  

So, when do you use this amazing tool to print the colors of life?